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Customs in France

My cousin and I bought tickets 6 months in advance for our trip this summer to Norway. We have a straight shot from Seattle to Paris and then a tight ( now 85 min. Airline changed times) connection to Oslo. My question is I understand that there is an agreement between France and Norway. I'm wondering do we go through customs and immigration or passport control. I'm a little concerned with the tight connection if we will make our flight, especially if we have to do both. We are doing carry on luggage only by the way if that helps. Any tips and information are greatly appreciated.

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Assuming this is one booking (is this true?), your luggage will be checked through to Oslo. You will not see it until Oslo. You (or to be pedantic your luggage) goes through customs after you pick it up in Oslo. But, customs is a non-event, just walk through the green "nothing to declare" exit door.

France and Norway are both part of the Schengen Area. This is presumably the "agreement" you are talking about. You will go through immigration (aka passport control) for entering the Schengen Area in Paris. If necessary your passport will be stamped here. There will be no immigration at Oslo, you are already in the Schengen Area.

But, you only have 85 minutes in Charles de Gaulle. This will be tight. But, assuming you have this as one through booking, it is the airline's problem if you miss the second flight because the first one is late. Just don't waste time.

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Thank you very much for your reply. This helps greatly. Yes , it is a straight through booking. We have Seattle to Oslo with one stop in France. We did Study the Paris airport map and it looks as though our arrival and our departure gate are right next to each other. This is our first trip to Europe so we are naturally a bit nervous about the details. We will definitely be sprinting for the gate . Thank you for your advise. It's greatly appreciated.

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CDG isn't my favorite airport for connections. Good thing you are on one ticket and were presumably sold a "legal connection". Yes, passport control entering CDG and if I recall correctly a security check again including your carry-on baggage. The following website is useful in preparing for a CDG connection:

Minimum transfer time recommended by ″easyCDG″ :

• 60 minutes intra terminal 1/2/3

• 75 minutes between terminals 1 and 2

• 90 minutes between terminals 1/2 and terminal

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If your connection is something like from 2E to 2F, then note that those are terminals, not gates, and walking time is estimated at 20-25 minutes. (This has been my typical route when connecting flights.) Passport control is where the biggest in-airport delays are likely, depending on staffing and the number of simultaneous arrivals.