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CurrentFood and restaurant prices in Norway

Does anyone have a fix on what a daily budget for two would be in Oslo eating at middle priced restaurants?
Thanks, george

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You can check out restaurant menu prices.

Peppe's Pizza is popular because of their affordable pizza prices. You'll spend more on beer (øl) than pizza.

Personal size pizza from 78 NOK to Calzones at 136 NOK.

Very upscale Chinese (better than many San Francisco resturants): Dinner Resturant

Peking Duck – the real Peking style (4 people) NB! Peking Duck must be
pre-ordered before 16:00 on the day before your reservation. Our
sommelier will be happy to help with wine recommendations for Peking
Duck Price for 4 people 1800,- NOK
And of course as a Chinese dinner, the duck would only be one of a number of dishes.

And if you want American food, there is a TGI Friday at the Aker Brygge

RINGNES (NO, 4,6%) 0,4 L / 0,6 L 72,- / 102,- NOK




PS Take the hotel breakfast board option and eat like a camel to get you through the day with a light lunch snack.

PPS Now you know why you don't see too many overweight Norwegians although the city Norwegians are getting softer with prosperity.

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And don't forget the cheap snack meal: pølse (hot dog).
Upscale dogs:

Hans Wurst: bratwurst med sauerkraut, sylteagurk og syltet rødløk.

Løitenfløyte: aquavitpølse med sylta rødløk, bacon og
blåmuggostdressing. 85,-

Puerco: choritzo- eller paprika chilipølse toppet med chili con carne
og smeltet cheddar. 85,-

Bunga Bunga: Salsiccia med sinnakokkens maisstuing. 80,-

Dolly: lammepølse med myntechutney. 80,-

P.S.T: grov polsk pølse med tomat, salat og chilimajones. 85,-

Polakken: grov polsk pølse (250g) med smørstekt løk/paprika og sweet
pickle relish. 105,-

Currywurst: hardt stekt bratwurst med curryketchup. Brød får du og.

Pølsechips: velg din favorittpølse og vi skjærer den opp i tynne flak.
Serveres med brød og valgfri ketchup eller hva slags saus du vil. 65,-

Another eat on the cheap in Oslo suggestion is to find a kebab shop. The smaller the hole in the wall the better the price.

Kebab Okse og lammekjøtt 60,- 80,- 100,- NOK (beef & lamb:

Döner 100% rent oksekjøtt 70,- 90,- 110,-- NOK (all beef:

Falafel 55,- 65,- 85,- NOK

Hamburger 60,- 70,- 100,- +20- NOK (130g, 160g, 255g, add for plate)

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The only couple of things I will add...
- Alcohol of any kind is exorbitantly expensive. If you want your meal tab to stay reasonably middle-priced then drink's complimentary at most restaurants if you just ask.
- We kept our costs down by only eating one meal out per day. For the others we would make our own breakfast (or eat the hotel breakfast if that was the case) and then picnic from the grocery store for either lunch or dinner. Grocery stores aren't that much more expensive than the ones at home providing you eat as the locals do.

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If you need alcohol, the cheapest alcohol in Norway is sold in the duty free shop at the airports before you go through the customs gate. High alcohol beverages (>4.75%) can only be sold by the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet). There is one in the Oslo S.

Norwegians out for a wild night on the town will have pre-dinner drinks in their homes before going to the restaurant, then try to stretch out their alcoholic beverage and not chug. Alcohol is so pricey (highly taxed) that the wine glasses will often have a etched line marking the pour line. A full glass of wine, to the second pour line is charged as two servings of wine.

As noted, low alcohol beer can be bought in the markets. But if you want aquavit, its a trip to the Vinmonopolet.

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Thanks everyone for your responses and info.
I plan on taking approximately 14 persons to Oslo and Bergen next September and am gathering info for that trip now
I was in Oslo late march last year for four days. I did not keep track of my expenses but was eating and staying at regular type eateries and hotel. I do remember I stayed at the City Box hotel which was reasonable priced with great location and ate a couple dinners at the Cathedral Cafe.. And would recommend it.
Thanks, george