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Cruising the fjords from Bergen- on a budget

Hello! Okay I know that "on a budget" and "cruising the fjords" probably don't mix but my friend and I will be in Oslo and then Bergen for a few days and would like to do a boat trip through the fjords (I've heard it's a must do). I was just googling and doing some research online and there are so many companies and options that it's overwhelming, so I came to get advice from the best:) We booked a trip to Norway and Copenhagen not realizing how expensive everything is so now were trying to do everything as cheaply as possible. Does anyone have suggestions on a boat cruise/trip/sightseeing trip from Bergen and through the fjords that they enjoyed? And was relatively reasonable in price? I'm seeing some really long ones that stop in other places (Norway in a Nutshell) and some shorter 4 hour ones, so trying to decide which is better. Also, we're open to any other suggestions you have on things to do in Oslo and Bergen!

Thank you so much!!

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How about combine fjords and transportation? Ferries from Denmark to Norway run the Oslo Fjord.

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The Express boat from Bergen to Flam costs 750 kroner (about $150). These fjords are bound to be a highlight of the trip, so I'd spend the money, even if you just bring onboard a picnic of bread and water. The price of a train is not much less (also very scenic, but inland).

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Re: "Oslo and then Bergen for a few days and would like to do a boat trip through the fjords"

Current pricing of the one day, one way Oslo to Bergen "Nutshell" is 1550 nok per adult ($260-$270usd) and includes regional train to Myrdal, Flåm Railway to Flåm, Fjord cruise to Gudvangen, then bus to Voss and train to Bergen. While that's only a 2hr 20 min ferry boat ride, it covers two arms of a very scenic fjord. The bonus is you are also getting scenic transportation to Bergen. Two years from now you will have the memories of a scenic traverse of Norway and no recollection of what it cost.

PS Ferry is a slow boat so you can absorb the scenery.

PPS. Several Norway forum topics of the last month or two covered Oslo and Bergen "should see/experience discussions:

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Wonderful, thank you everyone for the reply! We already booked our transportation but maybe spending some money is worth it! Someone else messaged me about doing your own tour and getting a ferry between the fjords we want to see, so sounds like I have a lot of options! Thank you for your help everyone:)

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We just did Fjord Line from Bergen via Stavangar to Hirtshals (Denmark). It's much cheaper than Hurtigruten but equally as nice - and the vessels are brand-new.