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Covid Test when entering Norway

Norway just lifted the quarantine requirement for vaccinated Americans. However you still have to be tested when entering the country. Does anyone know how long it takes to get tested when entering Norway? Is this something that just takes an hour or two? What is the cost? I'm really nervous about false positives since it does happen sometimes.

I edited my original post to include the following info since there have been reply's stating US travelers are still not allowed in Norway.
I got an email from Scotts Cheap flights that stated Norway is open now officially opened to vaccinated travelers from the US. They referenced this link.

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Is your trip coming up soon? The announcement says nothing about travelers from the USA. It says travelers from European Union and European Economic Area but there is no system set.

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As Jazz+Travels notes, I don’t see anything about Americans being allowed to visit Norway.

I see this (updated as of Tuesday June 8):

As a main rule, only Norwegian nationals and foreign nationals who reside in Norway are allowed to enter the country, but Norway is now opening its borders to foreigners residing in countries in EEA/Schengen/UK that meet the criteria for low infection levels, listed as "yellow" or "green" areas. Read important information about who can travel to Norway.

They are only now BARELY opening to SOME Europeans. Norway has had one of the strictest regimes in place against foreigners entering.

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“False positives almost NEVER happen”. Rubbish - I know 2 people that tested positive and were negative the following day.

However, it’s hypothetical at present, as I don’t think Americans are allowed in.

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Norway has had, and still has, among the strictest rules for entry during the pandemic. Yes, they have lifted the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated visitors. But you still can't enter Norway without a good reason, and no, tourism is not considered a good reason.

Scott's Cheap flights are probably wrong then. is not an official website, just a fancy blog.

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Sure you did Jennifer...sure you did....

so now have a go and make fun of me too please. I also know two people - one a couple of streets over and one an old friend the other side of town who have both had false positives and had them overturned after follow ups the next day.