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Copenhagen to Oslo transport

Previous posts that address this question are quite old and maybe out of date. We are planning on flying as the train and ferry travel times are quite long. Am I missing something, or is a flight the best option?

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It’s an easy flight on SAS but consider the overnight ferry. It’s a great experience.

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Why not take an overnight ferry? I did. It leaves in late afternoon and arrives early the next morning.

The scenery going into Oslo is wonderful.

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Yes, the ferry is a long trip but since you travel overnight, a large part of the trip will be spent sleeping. And saves you the cost of a hotel room that night.

And while the Oslo fjord isn't the most famous fjord in Norway, it's still a great view as you sail through it in the morning. The views of Copenhagen and Öresund as you leave are not bad either.

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I considered the ferry but chose to fly ultimately. Besides speed, it was cheaper and logistically easier. I also had a full day in the fjords later on my trip.

An evening flight allowed a full day in Copenhagen while also being able to settle into my Oslo hotel that night so I could go straight into my Oslo itinerary the next morning.

Arriving Oslo in the morning means you’ll likely not be able to check in if staying at a hotel, but you can still drop you bags.

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We took the overnight boat from Denmark to Oslo. It is a great use of time in my opinion. The boat sailed in the late evening so we just slept on the boat and had breakfast on board the next morning before disembarking in Oslo. We dropped our bags at our hotel as our room was not ready yet. We had a full day in Denmark and then a full day in Oslo by using the boat. Flying would have interrupted too much of our day we felt so traveling while sleeping on a boat was the way to go for us.