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Copenhagen to Oslo cruise

Has anyone taken the overnight cruise DFDS Seaways from Copenhagen to Oslo? I’m thinking of doing that instead of the train through Goteborg which is over 7 hours total. Is the train ride scenery worth the time? And is there food or dining cars on the train? I don’t think we’ll spend time in Goteborg but just keep going on to Oslo.

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My vote is for the ferry. It’s much more scenic than the train, especially when sailing out of Copenhagen and north past Helsingør and Kronborg Castle a d again in the morning going trough the Oslo Fjord. The view from the train is just a lot of trees.

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The view from the train along the Swedish west coast is actually pretty good in my opinion and far from just a lot of trees (the forests don't start until halfway between Gothenburg and Oslo). And yes there is food available onboard.

But if your goal is to get from Copenhagen to Oslo and not to make stops along the way, the ferry is the best choice.