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Connecting with the locals in Norway. Documentary project

Dear friends,

My name is Danny and I'm an aspiring 18 years old filmmaker from Prague. I'm planning to film a documentary project about Norway and its people. For my film I really want to connect with the local people and talk to them about their life in Norway. Basically I have two questions:

  1. Can you suggest any person from Norway who would be interesting for me to interview (and who is also realistic for me to contact. I'd love to interview O. Bjørndalen but that's just not happening :)). This doesn't have to be a famous person at all. It can even be just your friend who does something interesting or can tell an interesting story. That would be fantastic!

  2. Can you suggest anyone in Norway that organises any kind of "activities with the locals". I'll explain what I mean. For example, last year I filmed in the Faroe Islands and visited a local family that organised a family dinner for tourists. We got a chance to interview them, have dinner with them, and even film them at their farm.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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Eating with / meeting locals: Have a look at

Tip: ask the local embassy of Norway in your country for contacts. They know by far the most people.

Tip 2: ask local tourist offices in regions for interesting people to speak to.

Tip 3: a stunning insight into the younger Norwegian history of living provides the Norsk Motor Museum in Skånevik. hey have a Facebook page as well.

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You might want to start with some of the websites where locals offer up various experiences for visitors. Two that I have used are Airbnb experiences and Once you have met locals you can connect with them further to find local contacts to interview and talk with.