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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

My wife and I are interested in visiting Scandinavia in 2015. I would like to be in Norway to celebrate the Summer Solstice as I have seen a program on the Travel Channel once where they filmed at that time of the summer and it seems they had celebrations that involved eating, drinking, and singing. I would love to be a participant in a celebration such as that. Has anyone ever been to Scandinavia at a Summer Solstice Celebration? If so, where did it happen? How does one get included in them in villages or cities? I would appreciate any advice about working this into an itinerary as we have never been to Scandinavia before. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I was accidentally in Helsinki during the solstice, and it was a big mistake. It's a major holiday over there and for two days absolutely everything was closed: stores, restaurants, and tourists sites. In addition the city's entire population appeared to empty the city; the streets were completely deserted. So yes do some research about activities related to the holiday. I would head over to the Trip Advisor forums and ask some of the locals.

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For what it's worth:

Not having traveled in Norway during the summer I can't offer a personal insight I into summer solstice. However having spent Easter season in Norway I can attest to Norwegians enjoying Easter week. Travel to the mountains starts the weekend preceding Easter Sunday. Oslo becomes deserted the Wednesday evening before Maundy Thursday. The mountains are alive with Norwegians dressed in red from Good Friday through Easter Sunday. Folks use the Monday after Easter holiday to migrate back to town.

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We found ourselves in Oslo during the Midsummer celebration, and headed to the Norsk Folkmuseum on the Bygdoy peninsula. It was a wonderful insight into the culture of Norway. The children were playing in the fountains and pools, the adults were cooking on shared communal grills that had been set up in the picnic area, and after sunset, there was a concert. Try using the internet to find the celebration in the place that you will be on the 21st. It's well worth it.