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Cash in Norway-what size bills accepted?

Leaving for my trip in two weeks (July 2017). I have read that Norway is attempting to go cashless, but since my credit card charges a foreign transaction fee, I want to bring some cash with me. My tour company travel guide says many places don't accept a bill greater than 50 krone (approx $5?). Is this true? What size bills should i bring?
I also read atms are hard to find...true?

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I have never encountered an establishment in Norway that doesn't take cash...that's a very odd thing for your travel guide to say. Absolutely not true that they won't take bills larger than 50 - most things cost far more than that.
ATMs are everywhere and easy to find, even in small villages. What tour company are you using? Based on just their advice in this matter I am a bit dubious.

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Thanks. I am travelling with a Globus tour and I think they included a general rule that I was interpreting for NOK...they said "Due to increasing counterfeit, establishments may be reluctant to accept bills of 100 and over in any currency, so you may wish to obtain denominations of 50 or less". Didn't make sense since most everything costs more than 50 NOK.

As for Norway going cashless and reducing atms, google told me that : )
I'm good now, so thanks to all for your help!

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BTW, 50 Kroner is the smallest denomination paper note. 10 and 20 Kroner are coins.

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I read the same thing about both Norway and Sweden going cashless....everyone accepted cash from us. The ATM"s gave us mostly 100 and 200 krone bills and they were never refused. ATM's are as common as anywhere else in Europe. I only use ones attached to banks, and every bank had no problem. I actually had some of the same questions before I left (complicated by the fact that one B&B I booked wanted me to pay 1/2 my bill in advance by IBAN. I wrote an e-mail back saying I did not even know what that was and she wrote back that IBAN can be tricky but the host had swisch I wrote back saying I did not even know what swisch is and In the end, I paid in cash for the whole stay when I arrived.) It made me wonder just what Norway and Sweden would be like. However, they were not different than any other European county I have traveled to. (other than having different internet payment system than we do...where is paypal when you need it!)