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Car rental insurance in Norway?

My family of four will be renting a car in Bergen and driving to Oslo in a few weeks. I have a reservation through Avis. What I am wondering is if we will be required to purchase additional insurance through the car rental company. I have a Capital One Venture card that provides CDW coverage, but I am not sure if the car rental company will accept that.

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The Avis website certainly is unclear about liability insurance. They show an "extra" for liability insurance. That MIGHT be a charge for higher limits than the whatever the minimum requirement is.

I would call Avis and get clarification on the liability coverage.

Avis will hold you responsible for any damage to the car. They are unlikely to force you to buy CDW, but will look to you to pay for any damage. If someone else provides coverage for you then are not out of pocket for repair costs. Again, its best to ask Avis

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I have always been offered additional insurance but never forced to buy it. Avis is a big company and I doubt that there will be this requirement. Either way you are ultimately responsible for covering damage whether it's through your credit card or some other way.

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I suggest checking rental car rates through www.rome2rio. They offer a package that includes insurance and no drop fee (the drop fee is made up with the insurance but at least it seems like a good package). We've rented Avis through Costco previously but Rome2rio seems to have them beat.

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OP: does your card offer PRIMARY insurance for rentals in Norway? I would call and ask them.

Assuming they do, you would have to decline any type of insurances offered by the car rental place.
This will likely result in a large deductible/security deposit charge holding funds against your credit card until returned undamaged.

If undamaged the hold/charge goes away and you saved some money.
If damaged they will take the funds needed out of that security hold and you will need to file the needed paperwork with the credit card company for them to reimburse you. The credit card companies plan very likely will not deal directly with Avis in Norway so you have to act as the middle man.

You could of course decide this extra hassle is not worth it and pay the car rental place for their optional insurance. That type is easier since it truly walk away coverage so no stress.

Let us know how it works out and what you decide.

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You would not have to decline additional liability to still get credit card coverage, just decline the CDW and theft insurance. Credit cards do not offer liability insurance coverage. Avis charges $2/day for extra liability-- maybe it's worth it?

Checking Avis vs Rome2Rio, Avis with a discount code is coming out cheaper even with the $110 drop fee. No CDW insurance.