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Campervan rental from Bergen

We'll be ending our RS tour in Bergen and would like to rent a campervan to explore the area more. We'd like something that can seat 4 and sleep 2 (we'll add a tent) to optimize driving a smaller vehicle. So far I've only been able to find rentals from Oslo but not Bergen. A pick up and drop off in Bergen is our preference. Suggestions?

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Honestly I would not want to drive a campervan on the roads in the coastal / fjord areas in Norway...the roads are in very good condition but can be extremely winding, high, and narrow in places. That may be why you can't find rentals in the area - people just don't use them out there that much. We saw very few of them in the month we were there. We had a Mini Cooper in Norway and that was the perfect car for those roads...zippy and tiny!

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Thanks for the feedback. We were hoping to get a conversion van rather than an RV but perhaps that is also not wise on the roads. What about driving in the national parks in the mountains? Should I assume it is as challenging as the fjords?