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Bus from Flam to Stegastein and Borgund Stave Church - RT/Same Day

We are traveling to Norway and staying in Flam for 3 nights in late August 2023. We would like to visit Stegastein viewpoint and the Borgund Stave Church too. Is there a bus or buses that would allow a stop at both sites, with a bit of time to look around in each location, yet would return to Flam later that afternoon? I can't find any current tours or options. We have looked at renting a car but the insurance terms/conditions/deductibles are a bit scary. Thank you!!

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Last summer there was a bus from Flam that made a stop at the Borgund church visitor center/ticket office before going on to other places. I took that bus myself. It runs just once a day in each direction, with the departure from Flam being around the middle of the day. I think the schedule allowed an hour at Borgund, which would be enough time to see the church and the stave-church museum located in the visitor center. Unfortunately, the bus arrived in Flam quite late so my time at Borgund was severely curtailed. I had time only for the church itself. I walked through the museum but had no time to examine the displays or read the explanatory material.

It may be difficult to get info on the Borgund bus right now because it runs only in peak season. At other times there's a two-bus route (changing in Habakken) that gets you within about a mile of the church. I was glad not to have to depend on a bus connection in rural Norway. recommends the Entur travel planner for figuring out public-bus routes. I think there's also an app.

There's tourist-bus service from Flam to the Stegastein viewpoint. has information about that option, including the schedule. It appears the bus runs ten times a day June-August. With that frequency you should be able to get to Borgund and Stegastein on the same day.

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Thank you so much for you insights! We'll keep a watch out for options as the peak season approaches. We might simply be too eager in our planning and need to wait until summer routes are announced. Your information is very helpful - thank you!