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Bringing duty free from Amsterdam tomTrondheim

Hi, we are travelling from Vancouver Canada to Trondheim Norway with stop over / change plane in Amsterdam. Wondering if it's possible that we can buy duty free liquor in Amsterdam to take with us for our family in Norway. Doesn't look like it's possible from Vancouver as it's not a direct flight to Trondheim.

Looks like no from my research but hoping we can find a way.

Thanks for your help.

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As an alternate, you can buy duty free items on arriving in Oslo both at Sandeford and Gardenmoen. I landed at Sandeford Trop a number of years ago (long story) and noticed all the locals made a bee line for the arrival duty free and exited with large bags of bottled items.

Trondheim appears to also have an arrival duty free shop. I'm sure your Norwegian relatives could advise on selection.

Tax Free


Tax free sells tax free goods including perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol,
tobacco and chocolate. You can shop both on departure and on arrival.
See the selection and make a shopping list on

It appears that you can even pre-order:
Looks like a botte of Lysholm Linie ( 1L?) is priced at 219 NOK.

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Are you sure the prices make this worth it? DD wanted us to pick up some expensive makeup from the Duty Free shop at SFO -- turned out it was cheaper to buy the makeup locally.

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It's hard to know price wise, but duty free liquor is often cheaper. The only place to,pick up is Amsterdam, to bring to Trondheim. We don't stop in Oslo til on our way home

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Official regulation on private import of alcohol, see also the quotas.

Do not try to cheat: Norwegian custom officers are really well trained professionals, and the fines are hurting the pocket.

Info: Norway has a state-owned centralised purchasing chain for alcohol > 4,75%, called Vinmonopolet. No competition, fully regulated. VAT for this type of alcohol is 25%.

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For Norway, the taxes on liquor and cigarettes make them outrageously expensive, probably the state run liquor stores with no competition doesn't help. The ferry from Denmark to Norway sells an unbelievable amount of both in the duty free shop on board and the savings is huge. So yeah, getting anything before arriving in the country is a bargain.

I was not aware of the airport duty free allowing purchases on arrival in Norway (most duty free is for persons leaving the country). That sounds like it would work for this situation.

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In the 90s I regularly travelled to Norway on business. We almost always changed planes in Amsterdam. And we always, each, bought a bottle of hard liquor to take with us to Norway. Initially it was for our colleagues in Norway, who would reimburse us. Later it was for our own consumption. There was never any problem with customs.