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Books on Modern Norway

Heading back to Norway next summer for the third time! I've done extensive reading on the period of the emigration, some on Norway's role in WWII, and even took a course in college ten years ago on Modern Scandinavia, but would like to get a more up to date picture on the socio-political situation in the Nordics to prep for the trip. Any suggestions on non-fiction sources to check out? The more recent the better, understanding the situation is in constant flux these days. Really, my main goal is to deepen my understanding of the country as it looks today, appreciating how the traditional past has evolved to the current state of the region.


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Some interesting articles:

In Norway, Start-ups Say Ja to Socialism

We venture to the very heart of the hell that is Scandinavian
socialism"”and find out that it's not so bad. Pricey, yes, but a good
place to start and run a company.

Iraqi Farouk al-Kasim behind Norway oil fund that is envy of world --
Norway has squirrelled much of its oil revenue away in an $850B fund
for future generations

Like parts of Canada and the United States, Norway has a very
lucrative oil and gas industry. But unlike Alberta and Alaska, Norway
chose not to use its resource wealth immediately to pay for hefty tax
cuts or social programs. Instead, the Scandinavian country squirrelled
its money away in a fund for future generations, a decision that is
paying enormous social dividends.

And it came to be because of an immigrant to Norway

It was 1968, and Farouk al-Kasim was struggling with an important
decision that would change his life, and that of his young family.
What he didn't know at the time was that it would have such a profound
impact on Norway's future as well.

"Our youngest son was born with cerebral palsy, which left him
handicapped, and it turned out that Norway was one of the best
countries in the world for cerebral palsy treatment," al-Kasim
explained in a feature interview with Michael Enright, host of The
Sunday Edition.