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Bergen-Voss-Gudvangen-Flam, feasibility quiry

Good Day, I have done some planning and am now ready to commit to it but hoping to get a feasibility check before I do. Seems like time between connections are tight but thinking that is customary. Here is my itinerary:

Bergen-Voss Train, departing 08:43 arrive Voss 09:56 purchase tickets at train station (no need to book in advance?)
Voss - Gudvangen Bus, departing 10:10 arrive Gudvangen 11:20 purchase tickets at bus kiosk? also backup bus depart 10:30
Gudvangen - Flam Ferry, departing 11:45 arriving 13:30 purchase ticket at ferry dock?

Any and all guidance greatly appreciated,


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Yes. That is the exact schedule we followed. There will be many, many others travelling at the same time, so even if there is a delay, you shouldn't have a problem. For instance, there was a problem with our train, so we arrived late in Voss, but the buses were all waiting for us.

We did book our Bergen-Voss train tickets in advance. We had to do this by phone, as it's a regional train, and we were told it wasn't necessary. It probably wasn't.

You can buy your bus ticket from the driver as you board the bus. You can also buy them from the machine at the train station in Bergen, but I'm not sure how long they're good for. I made the mistake of buying mine the night before, and it was expired. So, I'd advise just buying from the driver.

I bought our ferry tickets in advance through the Visit Flam website, so I can't answer about a kiosk. We were kind of rushed getting onto the ferry because of our train and bus being late, so I didn't have time to notice things like that. My husband and I both think we remember seeing people lining up to buy tickets as they boarded, right at one of the gangplanks, but this could have been because there was such a large group of people who arrived late. I don't know.

I bought my Flamsbana tickets in advance (through Visit Flam), also, as well as the tickets for the train from Myrdal to Oslo (from the NSB website).

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There are many regional (unreserved) trains running between Bergen-Voss-Myrdal which, for some reason, don't continue to Oslo. (Therefore people departing toward the Nutshell route from Oslo have fewer departure choices and more need to reserve.)

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Thank you BB and Laura so so very much for your prompt replies, This is just what I need to 'write it in pen' now. We continue from Flam to Balestrand via express boat for a couple nights then back to Bergen again via express boat - those tickets I have pre purchased. Now time to pack!