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bergen vidden trail at night (in late june so not too dark)

hi, my bus is scheduled to arrive in Bergen at 6 PM. I wanted to go to hotel to drop off luggage and then take funicular up floyen. I think i should make it up somewhere in vicinity of 6:30-7 PM. I was wondering if it would be possible to do the vidden trail to ulriken and then hopefully take cable car down if i make it by 11 PM and if not, then just walk down (should still have light since sun sets past 11). From google, it seems like the trams will run until 1 AM should i should be fine to take tram back from ulriken bottom to center.

Overall, does the idea sound doable or am I way off? Do people do the hike at night in june (ie it is well lit)?

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Short answer: No, this is not a good idea unless you are very experienced.