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Bergen to Trondheim: Hurtigruten Ferry vs. flying

I'm going to be in Norway in May, spending a few days in Bergen before heading to Trondheim (which is where I'm flying home from).

I can get a one-way flight for about $100. Or I can take the ferry/cruise with Hurtigruten with an inside cabin for a little more than 300 Euros. The ferry departs at 11:30 pm and arrives at 7am on the second day, so this would cover two night's lodging.

Has anyone done this? Is this a good way to see the scenery and relax? Or would I be better off spending more time on land and maybe taking a shorter boat excursion to enjoy the scenery?

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Part of the Scandinavian experience for me is the efficiency and ease of airports compared to most of the world. Note when comparing tickets that SAS Go prices include a bag whereas on Norwegian you need to choose LowFare+ if you have a bag to check.

If the weather is nice the view from either the ship or the flight will be spectacular, if the weather is not so nice you won't have to worry about two long nights of rough seas.

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I've never taken the hurtigruten, but I have always wanted to.

Did you see the PBS special, "A Norway Passage". Here is a taste of it. It will make you want to take the boat

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We were in Norway this summer and went from Bergen up to Alesund. I also debated whether to take the Hurtigruten cruise or fly. For us, it made more sense to fly. The ship went at night and, although this would not have been an issue during the summer as the sun goes down at 11:30PM, we opted to fly. We wanted to maximize our time in Alesund to see the sights and hike.
The coastline along that section of Norway though is quite beautiful, remote, and windswept. I do have to say that I regret not taking the cruise now that I know what it looks like. There are tiny villages on the islands and coastlines but little else except sea birds and other creatures that call that part of the world home. There are also high mountains along the coast that are stunning - if you have the time I would cruise unless you want to have more time in Trondheim.