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Bergen to Oslo Train

We are 2 couples that disembark in Bergen on August 15. We plan to take the 8:15 AM train to Oslo. I presume there are taxis at the port. I understand that you cannot buy tickets until 60 days before (June 16 in our case) and to do so via
What is the best class of service to buy? I saw that the web site also shows compartments.
Is it best to sit on 1 side of the train or it doesn't matter.

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Have you considered taking the Norway in a Nutshell route so you get to see some of the fabulous scenery around the Sognefjord? This is what the trip would entail in the direction you're traveling:

  • Train to Voss (scenic)
  • Bus from Voss down to Gudvangen (scenic)
  • Ferry from Gudvangen to Flam (very scenic)
  • Flamsbana narrow-gauge train from Flam to Myrdal (very scenic)
  • Train from Myrdal to Oslo (scenic)

The Nutshell makes for a long day, and it would be a lot costlier than just taking the train straight from Bergen to Oslo, but I wanted you to know that it is a very worthwhile option.

The cheapest class of service is what I have always purchased on European trains, including the one you're contemplating (I took it last year). I've always been comfortable. The website you've mentioned is the one I used. I don't remember how early I bought my rail tickets, but at least the Myrdal-Oslo segment may be less expensive if purchased early.

I did a lot of research before my trip to Norway last year, and this is what I gleaned about where to sit on the train:

  • The eastern part of the trip (beyond Voss) is generally considered more scenic than the part closer to Bergen.

  • Between Bergen and Voss, the views to the left are considered the best.

  • Beyond Voss, the best views are to the right (I think this is the very most scenic segment), but beyond Honefoss there are good views of the river on the left side of the train.

It is a very scenic rail journey no matter where you sit.

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Hi, we did this train trip a few years ago. At that early hour there may or may not be taxis waiting at the port. To be safe, I’d ask the cruise line to arrange one to meet you. It’s only a 10 minute ride from the port to the train station.

We purchased “Komfort Plus” seats facing in the direction of travel. We were able to select our seats on the website. We sat on the right (starboard) side of the train but I’m not sure it matters. The scenery was beautiful and were were able to move around to take photos. Our comfortable seats had a little table (2 seats facing us but nobody sat there). Unlimited coffee, tea, and hot chocolate was included. There was also a small dining car where we purchased sandwiches but you may want to bring a snack or lunch with you.

In Oslo we stayed at the Thon Opera which is next to the train station. Enjoy your trip!

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I would not count on there being taxis, so I would make sure to prearrange a taxi if that was my mode of transport. Which is easy to do on your own, When does the ship arrive? If you have the time, and reasonable amounts of luggage, it is a nice walk to the station. There is also a bus stop just by the port.

Regarding the train trip, 2nd class i perfectly fine but Pluss adds a few benefits. The views are great on both sides. Sometimes they are a bit better on the left side and sometimes a bit better on the right side, but considering the full trip I think there are pretty similar.

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You can buy the train tickets 90 days in advance from Vy. I just purchased some for 18 July on their app. So you should be able to purchase yours in May rather than June. I have no idea if they might sell out, but thought I’d purchase them in advance just in case as we have a particular day/time we want to travel