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Bergen to Oslo by Vy train

Their site says you can book 60 days out. Today I was looking over the site and it allowed me to pick dates in June, more than 60, assigned me 2 seats and go to payment. I had my Visa information, pushed pay and once it said retry, then it said they needed more verification and then finally said it was processed. I phoned visa and nothing had gone through. I received no confirmation. Visa said all is good but it failed again. Maybe tomorrow. Has anyone else had this trouble with payment?

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I think I needed to use PayPal to pay for my Vy tickets in 2022. I don't prebook much from the US, but on the occasions when I do, I can usually get one of my credit cards to work. I'm not sure, but I think I had read that Vy's payment process doesn't like US credit cards. But that was nearly 2 years ago, so things may have changed.

If you use PayPal, you can tell it to charge your credit card rather than debit your bank account directly, though PayPal will default to performing a debit transaction. You also need to be sure you're paying in NOK rather than dollars to avoid a bad exchange rate (the dreaded DCC). PayPal will happily charge you in dollars and pocket an extra profit for doing so.

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As acraven says, the issue is most likely in the Visa process. Have you completed the Verified by Visa process? I used to have this issue with Mastercard, as well, for some locations. Somehow I managed the Secure process, which occasionally leaves me with needing to receive and enter a code. But when I am in the U.S., that is fine.

However, I bought my tickets on Vy a few months ago for a trip 2 weeks ago and also had to use PayPal. Edit: I feel like I tried my card once and when it didn’t work, I moved on immediately to Paypal since I have run into this before.

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By the way we have found out this week that the booking window on Vy opens 90 days beforehand, to the minute of train departure time.
They say both 120 days and 60 days on the website, but appear to have split the difference.

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This sounds like a 3D secure problem, is that activated on your card? Vy has been known to rather strict about it and not allowing purchases from cards without 3D secure.

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This is copy pasted from the Vy website, payment page:

"Customers from the US & Canada: We recommend PayPal for our northern american customers as our system only accepts credit cards with 3D Secure."

I had no trouble using PayPal for multiple purchases in 2023. I tried one of my cards that is often successful with finicky foreign train website (Renfe, others) and, just as Vy said, it did not work.

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Again you are all correct. The tickets are available NOW not 60 days out and my credit cards did not work . PayPal worked perfectly and smoothly. Tickets are stored in their app. Bill