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bergen to lofoten islands

we have a planned trip to Norway in august (though still waiting for the strike to be resolved). how can one visit the lofoten islands from Bergen?


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I would absolutely's the cheapest and fastest option. By land will take forever because of the topography and Hurtigruten is slow and quite pricey. Driving will take at least two very long days...Hurtigruten will take 3 days at least...flying is about 4 hours. Public transportation would be a string of trains and buses that would make your head spin!

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thank you, laura and anita.

yes, flight oslo to bodo would probably be the most efficient. from bodo, I found another flight to svolvaer. OR

I also found a bus from bodo to skutvig, then ferry to svolvaer, tho' this sounds ambitious. they say the approach by ferry to svolvaer is breath-taking.

is the second alternative (by ferry) too ambitious? or is the first alternative good enough (without seeing the approach)? is lofoten islands worth visiting?

also, is the NIN trip good enough? it seems self-explanatory - nutshell. that means, one only really sees a little of Norway but would probably be good enough.

we are seniors, 67 and 66 yrs old. we have a lot of free time, tho' careful of budget also.

thanks for any advice.

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The airline that I linked did have at least one direct service from Bergen to Bodo, without going through Oslo. I have not been north of the Sogne- and Lustrafjords but always wanted to take the Hurtigruten, time permitting.

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We flew to Oslo -2 nights;
trained to Myrdal, cog rail to Flam, bused to Aurland- 1 night;
express boat to Balestrand on Sognefjord-2 nights,
express boat to Bergen-2 nights;
Hurtegruten Cruise (3 nights) north to Svolvaer,Lofoten Isls.-2 nights
Svolvaer-wasn't much for us to do, but very scenic 1 hr. bus ride west to ?
Flew to Stockholm from Svolvaer via Bodo
The cruise was quite reasonable as we did not purchase the meal plan/brought 2/3 days worth of food from Bergen, and enjoyed our meals from the bow/viewing room of the beautiful ship.
Worked quite well for us.


Wow---Lofoten Islands is something that I wanted to include in my trip to Norway---Particularly Eggum since that is where my grandfather was born.
To see this at the top of the thread was really something.
I am thinking about next year--Right now planning and saving more..
Any advice with best way to do this would be appreciated.

Olivia--Come back after you visit Lofoten and tell us about how you got there please.

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I took the Hurtigruten from Bergen to Bodo and then to Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands (1/2 price for seniors when going port-to-port. I stayed overnight there, then rented a car to drive down to Reine (spectacular drive and destination). I wish I'd planned to stay there a few days, but I drove back the same day, stopped at a wonderful Viking museum and caught another Hurtigruten vessel to Trondheim, where I flew to Oslo and home. It was a fabulous journey and I'd do it again in a flash!