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Bergen to Flam and back - One Day


Next July we will be in Norway. We are spending two nights in Bergen. On our second day we would like to see the Songefjord (N.I.N area) and eventually make our way back to Bergen.

Is it possible to do this? I see the N.I.N tour goes all the way to Oslo so that won't work for us.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated

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Yes, v doable. Take a look at Rick's book which lays it all out.

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Yes, you absolutely can do this! You would simply get off the train in Myrdal and take the Flamsbana train to Flam and then get on a boat to see the fjord. Check with the TI office in Bergen, they can set it up for you! Very helpful!

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Will this be your only opportunity to see a fjord? I ask because my trip Oslo-Bergen was this past July. I opted for the Sognejford Express boat to Bergen instead of the usual bus/train "NIN" and can offer my personal opinion that, while the start of the Sognefjord was very pretty, it was 5 hours and as the fjord grew wider those hours seemed to slow....way... down! It was a gorgeous day, and the boat was pleasant. Closer to Bergen there was more to see, lots of small islands. In Bergen the RS recommended Bryggen tour was absolutely worthwhile, to maximize your limited time and provide context. I reserved online from the US.

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It will be our only visit into the western fjords. We’ll be heading to the Lofoten Islands the next day. We are hoping to spend as much of the day as possible in fjord country and would like the most scenic option.

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I would further research the summer photos and reviews ( Trip Advisor, etc) for both options, the Sognefjord or the Hardangerfjord, since you can do this as a Bergen round trip your second day. If you really like trains the vintage Flamsbana train was pretty- you see a steep partially forested gorge and some large waterfalls. I thought the Sognefjord, for most of the journey, was very wide and more like a river, IF you need to use that 5 hour "express " boat it is a big chunk of your day.. This route seems to have more variety:
But I didn't see any of it, so can't compare!
That said, travel is SO subjective, I don't in the end trust anyone else's opinion! It's just useful for information gathering, so I hope this help a little- you will love Norway!

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As mentioned possible, by rental car and also with NiN.

This rear parts of Sognefjord named Aurlandfjord and Naeroyfjord are very scenic. But NiN in July can be expected to be very crowded and also not very individual. By NiN you will also not reach some very nice places in given time frame of 1 day such as Stalheimskleiva ( or Stegastein ( But by rental car you shall like some narrow curves up- and downhill :-) Not all the way but at these named places.

Alternative: You can also rent a car and do a nice own paced tour around Hardangerfjord. The branches of it such as Sørfjord ( or Eid- and Simadalsfjord are also very scenic ( From the car ferry Utne - Kinsarvik ( 1 hr scenic drive) you have a wonderful view. And you are little bit more away from the masses.