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Bergen Railway trip - critique please?

So I've devised a way of seeing the fjord region at what I hope will be an efficient and leisurely pace. Can you tell me if I'm missing anything truly wonderful, or if there are flaws with my path?

Leave Oslo, train to Flam. Flam scenic railway, Sleep in Flam or Gudvangen
Get up, ferry to Balestrand, enjoy environs, Sleep in Balestrand.
Sognefjord Ferry to Bergen. Sleep 2 nights in Bergen.
Train Bergen back to Oslo.

Also, is there advantage doing this in reverse?

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I think what you have is fine, except you don't need to stay in Flam. I would plan on staying two nights in Balestrand and make a small side trip to the Hopperstad Stave Church.

Also, getting to Balestrand, it would be a high speed train to Myrdal, cogwheel train to Flam, then boat to Balestrand and another boat to Bergen. should have schedules for the boats but you can also get those when you arrive in Flam. Additional, train schedules can be found on both and

I hope this helps some

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That's immensely helpful!

Must I book the ferry from Balestrand to Bergen well in advance or is that also something I could do on the fly?

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I am considering the reverse of this, actually:

Oslo -Bergen train
2 nights in Bergen
Ferry to Balestrand, sleep balestrand
ferry to Gudvangen, via Naeroyfjord, sleep Gudvangen
Ferry to Flam, Flamsbanen, Train to Oslo


Also, is the Nigard Glacier a reasonable day trip from Balestrand if I'm only spending one night there?

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I have ridden the ferry from Bergen to Balestrand twice. Once five years ago and once in the 90s, both times I purchased the ticket on the boat. These are big boats with lots of seats.