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Bergen - Oslo train questions

Is there a good reason to book 1st Class over 2nd for a day train to Oslo. Is the view better sitting on the right or left side of the train. We are waiting for their schedule to open, any ideas?

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You get slightly better seats and free tea and coffee. Can be nice, but not a big difference from 2nd class to be honest.

The views are great on both the left and the right side.

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Having been on the Bergen to Oslo train just a couple months ago, I found standard seats comfortable enough to wonder why first class was so expensive. The change in scenery means sometimes the seats on the train’s south side have better views ( particularly at Finse) and sometimes the better views are on the north side. You can easily take photos from both sides of the train in the area between carriages where there are large windows on both sides and usually no passengers as there are no seats.

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We booked first class as soon as our departure day was available. July 2023. I don’t recall it being incredibly more expensive than 2nd class.

I enjoyed having the coffee/tea available. There was a comfortable window seat in the refreshment area with wide views. I thought the ability to move back and forth made a nice change from my assigned seat. Thus is a long day if you do it without stops as we did.

Perhaps not a necessary upgrade, but my choice for a one time journey I likely won’t repeat. If budget is tight, it may not be worth the expense. Personal choice.

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I only booked first class once just to experience it. I've been riding second ever since and don't feel like I'm missing out on too much.

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We had seats in Komfort+ and thought they were worth the slight difference in price. We reserved two seats with a table in the middle, two seats facing us. Nobody sat in the other two seats. We enjoyed the views and free beverages. There is a small snack bar on board with sandwiches, cookies, etc.