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Bergen /Oslo- December 2017 (edited to change locations and date)

Looks like we have an opportunity to visit Bergen / Oslo at Christmas 2017. We want it to be a low key trip. Just unsure what the weather will allow us to do. The nutshell train trip looks interesting, and we would love to get out on the water to see fjords and maybe do some short hikes along with visiting historical sites. No car rental. All public transportation. Is this all reasonable in about 5-6 days.

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Bergen is one of my favorite cities--in the Summer. I find the people of Bergen as nice as they are incredibly beautiful--and tall.
But that far north has excessive rains in Fall. The tota! mean hours of sunshine in Bergen November are 27 hours--less than a hour per day.
We were there in September 2 years ago and were fortunate to have a beautifully days. You really need to save this trip for a place with better November weather.

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It always rain in Bergen. It has more precipitation than anywhere in continental US.

You can still walk around in November. Cable cars will take you to the mountains. Beware the days are very short this time of the year. It will be dark at 9 AM and dark again at 4 PM

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Thanks for your replies. We have decided to go from December 18-25. We're up for the adventure. Will start the planning. Booked our tickets on Norwegian. Will probably do the Nutshell tour. Looking for a great place to have Christmas eve dinner too.

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Most Norwegians celebrate Christmas, whether they are Christians or
not. In Norway we mainly celebrate the Christmas on Christmas Eve at
December 24th, at this day we eat good traditional Norwegian food and
give each other Christmas presents.

Christmas Celebration in Norway – Practical information

December 24th: On Christmas Eve shops closes earlier than usual,
between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. This is the day we give the
presents, go around the christmas tree and sing christmas songs,
unlike most other countries that do this at Christmas Day.

December 25th: On Christmas Day, all stores closed. In Norway we use
this day for visiting family and friends. And strolls and local

December 26th: On Boxing Day, all shops are closed.

At the December 27th most shops has regular opening hours.

Please note Most hotels are closed during Christmas. Verify your hotel

Most tourist attractions are closed most days of Christmas.

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Thanks for the information. Yes, we're set on going on this adventure at Christmas. Here is what we're considering. We see that we can do the Norway in a Nutshell tour. We arrive on Monday and will stay in Bergen Monday Night. Then do the Norway in a Nutshell tour Tuesday ending in Oslo. Spend a few nights in Oslo, and head back to Bergen by Friday or Saturday. With solid plans to be in Bergen Saturday night and Sunday(December 24th) and fly back to NYC on Monday (December 25th). We're researching hotels in Bergen. But more importantly we're looking for a place to have Christmas dinner or some public Christmas activity.

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...head back to Bergen by Friday or Saturday.
Book you travel back to Bergen with seat reservations as soon as possible. The Bergen Rail line requires seat reservations.

We have not experienced Christmas in Norway but have been in Norway during Easter week. Norwegian families enjoy their religious holidays. The Bergen train was packed when we did the NIN the Saturday before Easter. We returned to Oslo then departed again on Easter Thursday for the mountains. We met an American in Oslo on Easter Thursday who could not get air or train transportation out of Oslo.

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Thanks so much for that information. I was wondering about doing the round trip NIN and see that the train leaves at 13:45. However, if I go one way to Oslo, I can take a 23:25 train back to Bergen. Wonder if there are pros and cons to doing it one way or the other. 13:45 is early, but 23:25 is pretty late time frame for us too. We cold hold off and take an 8:25 on Saturday too. We're more interested in which experience is best for us over costs. The only thing we could really save by doing the night train is a hotel night. We'll have to work it out on my spreadsheet. :) But will welcome any other advice. But sounds like I need to make up my mind soon and get the reservations ASAP.