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Bergen in July

Hi all, We are planning a 4 day trip to Norway in July and we’re flying into Oslo and planning to fly out of Bergen - thought of spending 1 night in Oslo, 1 in Flam and 2 in Bergen. However the dates we are planning to be in Bergen July 20-22 there seems to be very limited hotel availability. Just realized there is a Springsteen concert - could that be why? If we can’t stay in Bergen any suggestions on where else we can travel and fly out of Oslo instead?
Thank you.

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I know Norway is pricier than other countries but Yikes!! shows only 5 hotels in central Bergen with vacancies for July 20-22 and the rates are $850 to $3,000 per night! From New York, Norse Atlantic Airlines has 7-hour nonstop flights into Oslo’s Gardermoen International Airport beginning at $400. Alesund, with its Art Nouveau architecture, is considered to be one of Norway’s most beautiful cities and is just a one-hour flight from Oslo with flights starting at $70. Alesund is the gateway to many of Norway’s fjords—including the Geirangerfjord. There also are one-hour flights from Alesund to Bergen.

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Did you look up hotel in Voss to travel by train into Bergen for a day, spending one day in Voss area and back to Oslo for flying out?

With a rental car from Voss you have more overnight options around Bergen and to depart from there, e. g. Norheimsund.

Stavanger has a nice old-town part and with Lysefjord a magnificent and under-valued fjord.

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In addition to the options already mentioned:

  • Hurtigruten and Havila run ferries up the west coast of Norway. In 2022 Hurtigruten was making the trip 5 nights a week, departing from Bergen around 8 PM and arriving in Alesund about 8 AM. They sold point-to-point tickets and cabin cost wasn't exorbitant if you bought fairly early. I don't know whether the concert would lead to a spike in ferry bookings; I guess that might depend on the timing of the concert.

The Hurtigruten ships (quite likely also Havila, but I don't know for sure) make a side trip into the beautiful Geirangerfjord before stopping in Alesund again at the end of the day. With 4 days in Norway I wouldn't necessarily recommend packing in both the Nutshell route through Flam and the Geirangerfjord at the expense of virtually no time in Oslo or Bergen, but you've run into a serious complication in Bergen. Alesund is lovely, but do both/all of you like Art Nouveau architecture? It's not a dirt-cheap city to stay in, but I doubt that it's affected by the concert.

  • There are said to be a lot of active-sport opportunities in Voss. Are you outdoorsy folks who would enjoy that sort of thing? There's more lodging available in Voss. If you don't already have something booked in Flam or Aurland, you may have extreme difficulty getting a reservation at this point.

  • Oslo is a very nice destination itself. If you have a night booked in Flam or Aurland, you could follow the Nutshell itinerary but return to Oslo from Voss rather than going on to Bergen.

  • Would it work to travel on from Oslo to Bergen on the day you land in Norway and do your trip in reverse, with just one night in Bergen? If you could get a room for the night of July 19, you could spend most of July 20 in Bergen and head just as far east as Voss that day. I believe trains are rather frequent, and I think you may be able to get lodging there. The next day you could take the Nutshell route back to Oslo. Honestly, unless you have special plans in the area around Flam, I don't think you need to stay there. The scenery is gorgeous, but Flam itself is not special.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!! Truly appreciate the advice. We like the idea of going to Bergen the next day after we arrive in Oslo, and then make our way back over the next couple of days stopping in Flam or Voss and fly out of Oslo. We'll plan for that. Thank you again!

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Consider also to fly into Bergen through another European city rather than Oslo and not have any overnight before Bergen. We departed Bergen for US through Amsterdam.