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Bergen day trip suggestions

We are extending our RS tour that ends in Bergen. I read here I the Forumw about the “Norway in a nutshell” full day that sounds great. Any other suggestions? I added 3 days

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Check the tour itinerary carefully to see whether it covers a segment of the Nutshell itinerary so you don't repeat that part (potentially at substantial cost) unless you just want to. These are the pieces of the classic NiN itinerary:

  • Mainline train Bergen to Voss (the least scenic component, but nice enough).
  • Bus Voss to Gudvangen
  • Naeroyfjord ferry Gudvangen to Flam
  • Flamsbana train Flam to Myrdal
  • Mainline train Myrdal to Oslo

Since you're apparently going to day trip from Bergen you will be skipping the final leg of the NiN itinerary. You would instead, I assume, take the train from Myrdal back to Bergen. It should be doable (probably fairly easily) in a single day, since Flam is a lot closer to Bergen than to Oslo. However, the ferry doesn't run terribly often, so you'll need to take a careful look to be sure you fit the pieces together properly.

The rail segments are sold by (use PayPal; doesn't like US credit cards). Book the Flamsbana and mainline train to Bergen as a single trip starting in Flam and ending in Bergen. The Flamsbana sometimes sells out. sells ferry tickets and will have the schedule on its website.

You can just pay the bus driver for the Voss-Gudvangen segment. The schedule can be found here: enter link description here. The Skyss planner is picky about the time you say you want to travel and will return no results if you just choose something like 2 AM. The 950 bus is the one that takes the most scenic route and picks up down at the ferry quay. The others require to walk up to the highway and the route isn't as scenic.

If the elements of the trip don't seem to be fitting together well as I've listed them above, you could try looking at this way instead:

  • Mainline train Bergen to Myrdal
  • Flamsbana Myrdal to Flam
  • Naeroyfjord ferry Flam to Gudvangen
  • Bus Gudvangen to Voss
  • Mainline train Voss to Bergen

With that routing you'd buy a through ticket from Bergen to Flam, combining the mainline train with the Flamsbana. Again, the Flamsbana sometimes sells out.

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These suggestions are super helpful, thank you both for taking the time to help me. At first I did not realize that NiN was actually a collection of so many different options.

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FYI after review, we decided since we stop for a boat ride on a nearby fjord already while on tour, we are going to focus on doing things within Bergen. We may do a boat in the local area but will not pre-book it. Thank you for your help.