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Bergen Airport to Downtown Rental

We are a family of 4, and we have a VRBO rental in Bergen town (in late May). I know that there is a convenient bus, but I figure that a family of 4 in a taxi isn't going to be that much more expensive than a bus, and it's certainly more convenient.

I confess to enjoying being met at the airport by a driver instead of dealing with a taxi stand. Is this a good idea in Bergen?

I did find this website for pre-booking taxis. Anybody ever use it or recommend another one?


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I have only walked out of the terminal and caught a taxi from the Bergen airport. No experience with a pre- booked service. What is your concern? With 4 of you a taxi is most likely the best option. You need not worry about safety or rigged meter rates in Bergen, or anywhere in Norway for that matter.

What you do need to worry about is the high prices for everything. Not their fault. The quality is very good.

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Don't worry about pre-booking a taxi...the Bergen airport is small but well equipped with all of the services that a larger airport would have - including taxis. Just grab one and go. It's about a 20 minute ride into town depending on where your apartment is...

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Not worried about anything. I have just been spoiled in the past with airport pickups. Doesn't sound like it's warranted in Bergen. So we will wing it with grabbing a taxi at the curb.

Thanks for the feedback!