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Basing out of Trondheim and then beyond

Wife had a exchange student in HS over 30 yrs ago that lives in Trondheim. We communicate periodically and always talk about visiting. She came with her young daughters to see us about 22 yrs ago here.

We know nothing about the area but are wanting to spend time with her and her family for a few days and do the local scene with them and then do maybe 3-5 days of Day trips or even extend futher out more while staying with them as a base.

Might want to do a cruise either before or (more likely) after. Maybe head to Sweden even....

Just thinking out loud at this point looking for ideas.

We are excellent health, 50ish. Have about 3 weeks to kill. Can travel late September to early April.

We love natural/breathtaking beauty/sites. Not particularly outdoorsy or hikers but are up for most anything. Fjords are a must

Have a blank slate to work with. Haven't talked to her yet about any specifics.

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To get started with Norway (besides RS tips ) have a look at top 10 from VisitNorway: Trondheim is also listed there.

Norwegian winter is cold and dark (short daylight period). Therefore I suggest to use either Sept. / Oct. or March / April.

One option at these dates (maybe less April) is to travel above Arctic Circle for Northern Lights (NL):

As you mention fjords you need to know that also the fjells are hidden champions of scenic views. Some very scenic places and routes are best available by car. For doing this I suggest to concentrate on Sept. / Oct. because in March / April some scenic roads will be definitely closed, others are specially operated, e.g. convoy only. Public transport also possible but some places stay out then.

Using Norway in a Nutshell (NiN) is easy way but you just follow a few million tourists a year.

Cruise: You can book regular cruise ships or embark one of the postal ships from Hurtigruten which does the whole way from Bergen to Kirkenes and back in 12 days with some special excursions. You can use these ships also port-to-port only like a maritime bus connection. I really enjoyed doing this several times. You can start in Kirkenes for example and cruise down to Trondheim - very scenic and comfortable.

Hikes: Whole Norway seems to be a hike - on you will find hikes, huts and much more info.

Around Trondheim I would ask your local expert you want to visit. I guess she might know more options than the forum, minimum than me :-) My tip is an excursion to Munkholmen, an island in the bay of Trondheim with a long and manifold history.

Hope that helps at the first steps.