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Basic Itinerary-love feedback

In the early planning phases of a 14 day trip to Norway next summer. Would love some feedback on the basic plan below. I will be traveling by train primarily (bus or taxi if needed) with a 6 yr old. Not sure how many days to stay in each location. Wondering if its too many stops...or not enough?

Fly into Oslo and go straight to Sandefjord (2 nights?)

Kristensand (2 nights?)

Stavenger (3 nights?)

Bergen (3 nights?)

Lillehammer (3 nights?)

Back to Oslo (4 nights?)

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In the early planning phases of a 14 day trip

14 days, 17 nights????

You know your child, but I cannot help but wonder by the time of the move from the 3rd to 4th location, which of you is going to be more unhappy with the schedule.

Have you looked at how long it takes to get from place to place?

Just one example is Bergen to Lillehammer at nearly 9hrs

Wondering if its too many stops.

I think the answer to that question is 'yes'

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Just got back from Norway and while our itinerary was a bit different, we did go to Bergen. We really liked Bergen, but I think most of its sights can be seen in a day.

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I didn't realize Bergen to Lillehammer took so long. Hmm...I would like to go to Bergen but I'm wondering if maybe its a better idea to Do Oslo, Lillehammer, and some southern Norway cities and leave out Bergen all together? Maybe just 4 stops?

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Why would you want to return to Oslo? Do an open jaw - just last week I flew into Bergen and then flew out of Oslo this week coming home.

If you are going into Fjord country, I would recommend getting a rental car especially if there are 3 of you - the roads are good, not very crowded and the scenery is jaw dropping. As a data point, for a 2 day rental from Hertz, I paid about $212 and another $90 or so for gas. It enabled me to see so much more that if I was relying on local transport.