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Balestrand to Gudvangen

I'm staying in Balestrand for 3 nights and will head back to Oslo from there. I don't want to miss the Naeroyfjord, what is the best way to see it?

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I've struggled with this as well. There's no simple solution. And, if you want to see both the Naeroyfjord and ride the Flamsbana the best I was able to sort out is needing to stay one night on the other side of the Sognefjord in Flam.

Assuming you don't have a car, take the Express Boat that connects Balestrand to Flam: - shows up around noon.

See the "Bergen - Sogn - Flåm - Bergen" map.

Once in Flam take the Flam-Gudvangen ferry: <- this takes you through Naeroyfjord.

Depending on what you want to do from there you can:

  1. Take a bus from Gudvangen to Voss, which connects to the train (Oslo or Bergen).
  2. Take a bus from Gudvangen back to Flam
  3. Take a ferry back to Flam.

If you go to Flam again you can take the Flamsbana train that is recommended and that also connects up to the Oslo-Bergen train line in Myrdal.