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Balestrand for two nights or one night on Balestrand and one in Flam?


My husband and I had originally planned to spend one night in Balestrand and the next in Flam in order to do a Naeroyfjord cruise. Rick's guide says that the Naeroyfjord is gorgeous. He also says, however, that Flam is overrun with tourists and not a very pleasant place to stay as a result. We are considering spending a second night in Balestrand, rather than going to Flam, and perhaps taking a day trip to Solvorn with a ferry ride over to Urnes (which he also describes).

So my question is whether the Naeroyfjord is a must-see and if we should therefore brave the crowds in Flam.

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Nothing in the world is a must see.

No fjords are ugly.

I'd rather sit on a fire ant mound for a week than go back to Flam for a quick beer.

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We will be there in July and have opted to stay in Balestrand for two nights. Then take the ferry from Balestrand to Bergen. We are traveling with my in laws and are using Balestrand as a calm day in a very busy two weeks of travel.

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Two nights in Balestrand, for sure. It's so peaceful. We walked the area in the late afternoon, sat by the marina, and got some great fish and chips at a little food stand that was decorated like a viking ship.

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Stay in Balestrand. You should have no problem getting to Flam to join a tour. We really enjoyed the Fjord Safari tour which is on a smaller, high speed boat.

We would have liked to stay in Balestrand or Solvorn but they were booked so we stayed in Flam. Flam was just fine and made easy access for the fjord boat and kayaking tours and Myrdal train ride. But, Flam is a connection point and other nearby options would be better for experiencing this region without the bustle.

Loved Ed's comments though, but I'll take the beer.

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I would agree with the other posts regarding Balestrand. My daughter and I were not impressed with Flam. We moved on to Balestrand as quickly as we could. Flam sounds charming, but it felt like a tourist trap. Enjoy your trip.

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You may have already finished your trip, but I'll add my thoughts for others. Don't stay over night in Flam. All you can do is look at tourist shops. Or the 12 story cruise ship blocking the view. It's not that scenic a spot, compared to what you're about to see on the fjords. It looked boring. I used the Nutshell and once in Flam took a side trip on my own to Balestrand. Now Balestrand is the place that you will never forget. I stayed in the newer (less desirable) part of the Kviknes Hotel. The setting is spectacular. You can relax and just sit and absorb the view, or go on great walks or hikes or rent a bike. After one night (wishing I had 2 nights) I took the boat back to Flam and on to the Naeroyfjord, which I feel is a must see part of the trip.