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Balestrand for one night while doing NIT tour from Oslo to Bergen

I've read that is recommend to spend one night in the fjords during the NIT, I'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting to Balestrand from Flam, spending the night, doing some excursions the next day before continuing to Bergen. We are booked on a cruise and arriving a few days early. I don't mind skipping the last part of the train ride to Bergen, and maybe take the boat ride to Bergen. What Fjords should I try to see before heading to Bergen (not planning on renting a car)? Our cruise will have stops at Edjiford and Stavenger after starting from Bergen. The cruise is June 2019. I have found a few schedules but it's been difficult to piece together. I'm sure some others have done this and might have insights. I've been reading these forums for several years, and they have been very helpful. Thank you.

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With "NiT" do you mean "NiN" or something else?

Around Balestrand the Sognefjord is very wide (and deep). Therefore this part is less scenic than Naeroyfjord (one of top 5 for me) and Aurlandfjord around Flam - still very beautiful. closer to coast the landscape gets even more "just nice", therefore I recommend not to do the ferry to Bergen but for some people it is the easiest connection.

Extremely scenic is the Lysefjord (east if Stavanger) with mountains between 600 and 1,000 meters high directly near the fjord. Public transport ferries get there from several locations. You can also hike Preikestolen by using ferry and bus (Kolumbus).

Geirangerfjord is well known already but really far away from Bergen. Once a day in June a Hurtigruten (northbound) ship from Alesund is getting into the fjord for a day. You can also embark / disembark there (w/o car but you already mentioned to have none). From Alesund another Hirtigruten ship southbound would bring you to Bergen.

Closest to Bergen is Hardangerfjord but if the cruise ship approaches Eidfjord you will get into already. Two branch fjords are also very scenic: Sørfjord and the end north of Kvanndal.

Be aware that not only the fjords but especially f(j)ells offer the most scenic views. Some of them are listed in official scenic routes of Norway. On some fjells you will find hotels / huts which allow a night there which is in June very special because of the long daylight which is less scenic in the narrow fjords.

There are also a few other places but no chance withoiut a car to get there.

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To get from Flam to Balestrand you can take the Express boat. What do you want to do in Balestrand? We found Flam to have much more activity going on than Balestrand. In Flam, you can do the Fjord Safari (highly recommend) and aldo take the Flamsbana train to Myrdal and then rent bikes at the train station and bike downhill back to Flam through some gorgeous, jaw-dropping scenery.

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If you have Rick's Scandinavia guidebook, see 2018 ferry times discussed on pages 328 and 332. There are only about two ferries per day in each direction, May-September, and fewer in off season. It may still be too early to see the confirmed schedule for next summer.

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Thank you for your replies. My plan for Balestrand is just to enjoy being in the beautiful scenery and not rushing through. Thank you for the suggestion to ride bikes down to Flam from Myrdal, I will check that out.