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ATMs in Norway

I'm sure this has been asked before but do Atm's in Oslo have a multilingual function. Also, is there a bank or an ATM location that gives better exchange rates than any other, thanks.

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I believe that exchange rates are controlled by your financial institution. The cash machines owner controls the usage fee.

Case in point. I used my Bank of America ATM card to withdraw Euros from a Deutsche Bank cash machine in the Frankfort airport terminal. DB is a partner bank of BofA that BofA waivers ATM transaction fees. However, BofA charged me a 3% foreign transaction fee.

In contrast, while in the Austria without kangaroos, I used my credit union ATM card. The foreign bank charged me a couple of Euros for the transaction, credit union did not charge a foreign transaction fee or out of system fee.

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The ATM machines will have an option for English. You will see that right away. Then regarding rates and ATM locations its all pretty much the same. Its the bank rate. Its the best option and rate. Fees vary but its easy and will give you a better rate than going into a bank, hotel, or kiosk. Call your bank ahead of time and let them know you are traveling. You don't want your card to get blocked by the bank for unusual activity.

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Jenn's remark that rates are pretty much the same is not entirely correct. See Rick Steve's ATM Tips which says:

"ATM transactions made with bank-issued debit cards come with various fees. Your bank may levy a flat $2–5 transaction fee each time you use an ATM, and/or may charge a percentage for the currency conversion (1–3 percent), on top of Visa and MasterCard's 1 percent fee for international transactions. Most bank ATMs in Europe don't charge a usage fee, but watch out for "independent" ATMs, which have high fees.

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Visa and MasterCard set the exchange rate, the exchange rate WILL NOT VARY from ATM to ATM. Your bank may charge additional fees (i.e. $5 per transaction or 3% of the total, or BOTH!). In many years of living and traveling in Europe, I have never been charged a fee by the owner of the ATM, only fees from my American bank. If you're traveling extensively, do some research to find a bank with lower fees. The first time I came to Europe I used a major American bank that charged $5 per transaction +3%, and I had a daily limit of about $300. So every time I took the equivalent of $300 out, I was charged $14, which is almost 5%, effectively. I've since switched to a smaller bank that charges only 1%, but no per-transaction fee.

And for the record, I have never come across an ATM, anywhere in the world, that doesn't offer English. Good luck!