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Any update on COVID restrictions? Norway, Denmark, Sweden

Hi Everyone
Are there still COVID or Quarantine restrictions in Norway Denmark or Sweden?

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I personally just google "covid entry X embassy" for each country I'm interested in visiting.

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In short: Yes, but not many left. For vaccinated individuals there are no restrictions on entry.

Most restrictions have been abolished. What is left is that if you are sick and have symptoms that can be Covid, you should self isolate untill well. There are also recommendations on hygiene and that you keep your distance to other people if possible. Face mask are required on airports and flights.

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In Norway there are no restrictions as of 2/18/2022. No vaccine requirements and no testing requirements. The only exception is Svalbard, which still has restrictions in place.

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My wife are sketching out a Olso - Stockholm - Helsinki itinerary. Would we have to test for each country?