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Another Norway in a nutshell ?

I am thinking of taking the train from Copenhagen to Oslo and then doing the Norway in a Nutshell journey. This will be in about 3 weeks from now. Being that we are getting into Autumn and clouds and rain in forecast, is it still worth doing the trip in rainy weather or should it be done on sunny days like the Jungfrau train in Switzerland? Also has anyone taken the train to Narvik? Is it worthwhile as it goes to the Artic Circle? Or should I just head south from Copenhagen? Any input of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I can address a couple of your questions:
Weather in Norway is unpredictable. I took the fabled "Norway in a Nutshell" in July, 2017 (Bergen to Bergen round trip) - rained almost all the route on the boat. I may have been dampened, but my spirits certainly were not. It is somewhat more likely you will encounter rain in September than July, but no bet is "safe" on this one. In all likelihood, one will not re-do "The Nutshell" - it is expensive - so - if you are in the neighborhood, I recommend going. Also, Bergen is very nice, although you need not go there to participate in "The Nutshell"
The train from Copenhagen is a straight shot to Oslo - as I recall, it stops in Lund and Gothenburg prior to arriving in Oslo. Central stations in all four cities are easy to navigate - and Oslo is certainly worth a visit.
Make your reservations as soon as your plans finalize - all these travel experiences fill up quickly.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

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I would consider the overnight ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo.

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I second the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo. Super easy and nice. It leaves Copenhagen at 4:30 in the afternoon and arrives in Oslo around 9:00 am. Really smooth ride. Nice and clean boat. Beautiful views of the coast and the Oslo fjord along the way. We went in July and we're so glad we took the ferry. Price isn't too bad.