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Andalsnes to Lom by car in September

My husband and I are planning a road trip around Norway in early September. Part of the drive will be up the E6 & E136 from Oslo > Lillehammer > Andalsnes. I was hoping to take a different route (via the 63 through Geiranger) from Andalsnes back down to Lom so we wouldn't be backtracking the same way we came and thought heading down the 63 and taking the Eidsdal-Linge ferry was the answer, but it looks like that ferry only runs through August. The Valldal-Geiranger ferry looks like it has a similar schedule.

From what I'm seeing, we could head west from Andalsnes on the E136/E39/656 to Magerholm and take the Sykkylven-Magerholm ferry, which looks like it runs year round. We could then drive down the 60 to Hellesylt and take the Hellesylt-Geiranger ferry (which runs through Sept. 30) and be on our way, but it would add a few additional hours to our journey.

Is there some other route that I'm missing where we wouldn't have to backtrack down the E136 or spend additional hours going around the fjords to head down toward Lom from Andalsnes? Thanks!