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An evening in Voss?

We're looking at putting together our own NiN 1-day tour, Oslo to Oslo roundtrip. We are going in late October, and by the time we get to Voss it will be getting dark. Because of that I'm wondering if it's worth going from Voss > Bergen > Oslo per the official NiN itinerary, or just skipping Bergen and taking the Voss to Oslo train (presuming we won't be able to see much in the dark, and we'll only have 2 hours in Bergen before catching the train to Oslo anyways).

If we stop in Voss we'll have about 5 hours before catching the night train to Oslo; we'd be there from 7 pm - midnight. I can't quite tell how small Voss is - will there be restaurants and places open during that time, or are we better off spending our time on the train to Bergen?

Thanks in advance!

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