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Alternative travel for Norway in Nutshell

I'm doing my own routing to approximate the Norway in Nutshell from Bergen to Oslo. And could use some input.

I'm trying to decide if I should deviate from the NiN route at Voss station and take local bus 970 north to Vik. I can visit the Hopperstad stave church and then take the Express boat over to Balestrand. Has anyone experience with the 970 local bus from Voss to Vik?

Unfortunately, I'm planning only one night in Balestrand and then taking the NorLED express from Balestrand to Flåm and connecting on to the Flåmsbana train and back to Oslo. This will get us into Oslo at 22:27.

Do the more traditional NiN route via Gudvangen and the Nærøyfjord cruise to Flåm and back to Oslo. I found that by booking it on my own, I can overnight in Gudvangen, catch an early Nærøyfjord cruise to Flåm and get on the earlier Flåmsbana train and arrive back to Oslo by 19:05.

So, which route will provide more impact for my limited time? I know I have to make a choice since I can't have it all.

That leaves us either 2 days in Oslo before heading home or 1 day followed by taking the overnight ferry down to Copenhagen and spending a day there first. So many choices, too little time.

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I can only speak about my experience. We did the traditional NIN taking the bus from Voss to Gundvegan. This bus takes some steep, hairpin turns and reveals the amazing valley below. I highly recommend it! Norway is so beautiful!

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I'll be watching for answers to this, thanks. We're going from Oslo to Bergen with one night in Balestrand at the end of May. I'm looking for the most efficient way to do NiN but still have time to see some of the Stave churches. I'm thinking we'll get off NiN at Flam, take an express boat to the hotel and find a boat tour to the churches on the way there, or the next day on the way to Gudvangen or Voss for the rest of the way to Bergen.

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Need some help on our trip to Norway. Is there a train that leaves Flam going back to Oslo via Myrdal? In other words the reverse of the Oslo to Flam train.

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Is there a train that leaves Flam going back to Oslo via Myrdal?
In other words the reverse of the Oslo to Flam train.

Sure, they are not buidling new trains every day in Oslo ;-) Check NSB journey planner. Always 1 change of train.