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(Almost) wrinkle free material for pants

Will be traveling in Scandinavia this summer, know I will be wearing capri/long pants, and wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good brand, type, or material that wears well and doesn't wrinkle easily.

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Our travel pants are roughly 30% cotton/70% polyester or something similar. We have a variety of brands and find they all work well. Easy to hand wash and quick to dry nearly wrinkle free.

PS. Forgot to add -- all of our travel pants have been bought at either Sams or Costco.

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Prana and Columbia both make good travel pants. Easy to wash in the sink and dry overnight. Well designed pockets, don’t wrinkle. But my favorite capris are Fjallraven. They are more expensive but I have spilled everything from grease to raspberry juice to chocolate on them and they have never stained. And they do everything else that Prana and Columbia do.

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Costco is selling travel pants at the moment in my location. They work perfectly. Easy hand or machine wash. Hang to dry.

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Kay I saw these and they looked durable and a good price. I think the colour was black

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I have a friend who swears by Prana, and I've added some to my wardrobe. But I find golfing attire works great for business travel.

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LLBean Comfort Trail Pants; long as well as capri length. LLBean has a 20% sale on now. If you have their credit card, you have free shipping both ways.
May not be the most attractive, but does not wrinkle, can "spot clean," dries overnight after sink washing. I don't like the looks of the zippered back pocket, but that's minor compared to how well they hold up when traveling.
I'll be taking a couple of them when we travel this year.

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The PrAna and Columbia pants are mostly nylon with a bit of something like Spandex. I bought both before my current trip and opted to take the PrAnas with me, partly because the Columbias arrived terribly wrinkled, a situation that was not immediately remedied by hanging them up dripping wet. The PrAna fabric is a bit heavier (probably helpful in coolish, windy weather), and the workmanship was visibly better. The price is quite a bit higher for the PrAnas, though.

I've been happy with the PrAnas when the weather was in the 80s and (with merino long johns) in the low 40s. They are somewhat water repellant.

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Eileen Fisher washable crepe - a knit type fabric, no wrinkles. Incredibly durable and easy to launder/dry. Pricey, but you can wear them as dress or casual. They come in a variety of styles. Take two pair and wear one. You will be set for anything.

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Especially for my cruise through the Norwegian fjords last year, I bought Arc'teryx Sabria women's pants in Wells Grey colour. I also used them recently for a Baltic cruise. They are super comfortable, super light, and so easy to take care of. They look sharp, especially the grey. They dry really, really quickly. Have fun!