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Allocating days in Scandinavia

Right now, my trip in early September is broken down like this:

Copenhagen 4 nights
Stockholm 4
Oslo 3
Bergen 3

I'm wondering if maybe I should take a day from Oslo and/or Bergen, and add to Copenahgen and/or Stockholm.

I always feel like 2 nights anywhere is a little rushed when considering losing a 1/2 day to travel, but is there enough in the Norway cities for 3 nights?

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I think what you have is about right. Three nights in Bergen might be more than you need, depending on arrival and departure times. I wouldn't subtract a night from Oslo.

If you do decide to subtract a night from Bergen, I would add it to Stockholm.

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Here's what we did last August:

  • Stockholm 4
  • ferry
  • Helsinki 3
  • Copenhagen 4
  • Odense 1
  • ferry
  • Bergen 2
  • NiN - Flam 1
  • Oslo 4

Copenhagen was the only place where I really wanted more time. We happened to be there during Pride week and a big triathlon (or maybe it was a marathon?), so the crowds were heavy, and that slowed us down some, but also there were just a lot of things I wanted to do in the area, and both Roskilde and Helsingor are a ways away by train.

Looking at your itinerary, I would consider taking a night from Bergen. It's a lovely town and well worth visiting, but I felt we got enough in two days. We took the funicular up on the first day and did Rick's city walk and other exploring on the second day. The NiN train left early on the third day.

I would not short Oslo as it's a pretty big city that has a lot of interesting sights that are quite far apart.

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Assuming that this is your first visit to Sandinavia, three nights (two full days) in Oslo would be my minimun. Arriving in Oslo by mid day would give plus three nights would geve you 2-1/2 days in Oslo. I would break up the NiN Oslo to Bergen with an overnight stop arriving Bergen mid-day for two nights.

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I too, would not spend more than 2 nights in Bergen, unless you were going to rent a car and do some side trips.
My favorite city of those mentioned is Stockholm.
Don't miss Frogner Park in Oslo.
Have a great trip!