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After Norway in a NUtshell

We will be taking the Norway in a Nutshell from Oslo and I have a few questions about how to supplement that with some of the sights mentioned. We are thinking of spending a night in Bergen after the Nutshell, driving the next day to see sights and spending the night somewhere. Then the next morning heading back to Bergen to spend the night and fly out the next morning.
First is the FjordSafari to Naeroyfjord possible and preferable to the Fjord Ferry 1 departing Flam as part of the Norway in the Nutshell? Will we still be able to get to Bergen that evening?
Second we want to walk on a glacier and see a stave church. Which would be better Hopperstad or Urnes? Is Nigard the best glacier? If we can squeeze in another hike or a waterfall that would be great.
What I need most is a route to see these things and where to stay. Also other suggestions on what to see on the way.
I'm thinking Bergen to somewhere and then back to Bergen is cumbersome but I don't see any other way. Thanks!

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Thank you for these websites. The pictures are incredible and I wish I had more time to see all these beautiful places. We will definitely take a guided hike on the glacier we chose.

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Are you already booked and committed to the schedule?

It might make more sense to add a night or two en route (in Flam or Gudvangen or Balestrand) for your fjord and glacier exploration, rather than getting to Bergen and then striking out for those excursions. Plus there's plenty to see in Bergen, so you'll want to be sure to allow time for that.

I don't have any advice to offer if you have everything prebooked and locked in, but I don't think I'd want to break up my time in Bergen with an overnight stay somewhere else. I think there are day trips available from Bergen to see a stave church, but I can't suggest anything as I didn't do that when I was there. And I didn't walk on a glacier in Norway. (I did in Alaska and in Iceland. I'm not sure it's any more thrilling than walking on snow.)

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No,we don't have anything booked. We are leaving Oslo on Friday and I was planning to do public transportation for the Norway in a Nutshell. I wasn't sure if we ended that before Bergen if I could get a rental car. Does anyone know if I could get a car in Voss? Then we are flying out on Monday afternoon from Bergen so I am guessing there would be an additional fee to drop the car at the airport.

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If you want to do a glacier hike, you can had two nights in Finse to your Norway in a nutshell trip and possibly do the hike on the intermediate day if weather allows: As backups, you could do a less adventurous hike, or take a bicycle trip.

There is a Stave church in Bergen called "Fantoft." It's accessible from Bergen's light rail:

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If you want to see a (relocated) stave church along with many other traditional buildings, visit the Norsk Folkemusem in Bygdoy Peninsula Oslo:

Norsk Folkemuseum – Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

One of the world's oldest and largest open-air museums, with 155
traditional houses from all parts of Norway and a stave church from
the year 1200.

The museum also has indoor exhibits with traditional handicraft items,
folk costumes, Sami culture, weapons, toys, pharmaceutical history and
changing exhibitions.

Norsk Folkemuseum is located at Bygdøy in Oslo and has an Open-Air
Museum with 160 historic buildings. A main attraction is Gol Stave
Church from around 1200.
In-door exhibits feature Norwegian folk
costumes, folk art, church art and Sami culture.