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5 day Bavaria Travel Itinerary Help


My wife and I will be flying into Munich in May 2019. We are dedicated two days to Munich because we are visiting a family member. The other three days we’d like to go off and do travel outside of Bavaria before traveling back to Munich for our flight out.

A little about us. We are 29 and 37 from the US (Chicago) and we both enjoy low key slower travel (walking on foot, enjoying the food and beer scene, learning history) . We like scenic areas such as mountains, rolling hills, etc. but due to some bad joints can’t hike too much so we like areas we can enjoy by cable car or car. We get overwhelmed in areas where there is a large language barrier or have to coordinate complex travel. We want our trip to contain a good mix of activities without feeling rushed so with that said we need help narrowing down the things we should do from our list. All opinions are welcome.

Things we’d like to do (outside of Munich)

  • Dachau Concentration Camp
  • Rothenberg - concerned this is too far. Is it worth it?
  • Salzburg
  • Berchtesgaden

We also considered Hallstatt but ultimately it seems too far and stressful for just a nice picture. We at one point were interested in garmisch partenkirchen but we decided that we should pick between that or Berchtesgaden. We picked Berchtesgaden because it was closer to Salzburg and I liked the WWII history it offered. It also seemed to be prettier to me from pictures but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Please chime in with your opinions and if there are any other suggestions we have missed. We’d love to eliminate anything too touristy or tacky but also don’t want to miss something we could never experience elsewhere.


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You do realize that Bavaria is in Germany, not Norway. Please don't think I'm being snarky, but Norway is the forum you posted on.

I think Rothenburg (note spelling) is too far with only 5 days, and you say you don't want touristy, and Rothenburg is about the most touristy town in Germany. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Since Berchdesgaden and Salzburg are right next to each other and connected by bus service, maybe spend a couple of nights there instead of spending time commuting from Munich.

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Thanks Sam. I had no idea I was on the Norway forum. I’m new to the site and thought I was posting in a general area. Thank you though for taking the time to answer. Much appreciated.