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3-4 Days in Norway

Hi -

I was originally planning a 8-9 Scandinavia trip. But being more interested in scenic beauty etc, I changed my mind & am now planning to to about 5 days in Iceland & rest in Norway.

While in Norway, I plan to focus on Norway in a Nutshell + Oslo. Oslo because I have to anyway fly-in & fly out from Oslo, but my interest lies in exploring Fjords, Flam Valley, etc.

We will be travelling as a family of 4 people in the first week of August.

So want suggestions as to how to plan the trip ? Something like -

Day-1 -- Fly in & stay Day-1 in Oslo
Day-2 -- Norway in a Nutshell ... staying where ?
Day-3 -- Norway in a Nutshell ... staying where ?

Day-4 -- Come back to Oslo ... Catch a night flight or stay the night & catch a flight next morning ?

I am not sure about the feasibility of the above .. Can someone comment ?

Also I was thinking it would be easier to rent a car for my entire trip. If I were to do that, then will I still be able to follow / Do Norway in a Nutshell ... Or is that best done without a car ?

My preference for a car stems from the fact that 4 of us would be travelling which means I would have some luggage as well .. So best to dump everything in the car & ease the travel woes.

Comments / Suggestions please ...

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Thanks for the tip MarkK .. was not aware of of the Hardangar Scenic Route.

I would be flying in from Raykjavik. Little harder to find a direct flight to Bergen than Oslo but would try.

Is this scenic route not possible do from Oslo while wandering the Fjords ?

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It is possible (if not winter) but takes a day to drive to from Oslo. As you can see there are a lot of other official scenic routes.

Besides the official ones you will find a lot of other very scenic routes, e.g. Skien - Rjukan closer to Oslo.

Tip: Flights via Copenhagen will bring you to Bergen.