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17 Days in Scadinavian Capitals plus Norwegian Fjords

Hi, i'm from Brazil and i'm planning a near full month trip with my wife in August. We already bought the plane tickets with our miles. We will start in Russia, visiting Moscow and St Petersburg for 10 days. The next 17 days we intend to visit the Scandinavian capitals (along with Tallin) and at end of the trip visit the Norwegian Fjords, with our flight back leaving from Oslo. Here is my planned schedule for the Scadinavian branch:

10/8/2017 Thursday Helsinki (arriving the day before at night by train from St. Petersburg)
11/8/2017 Friday Helsinki (late afternoon ferry to Tallin)
12/8/2017 Saturday Tallin

13/8/2017 Sunday Tallin (night ferry to Stockholm)
14/8/2017 Monday Stockholm

15/8/2017 Tuesday Stockholm
16/8/2017 Wednesday Stockholm (night train to Copenhagen)
17/8/2017 Thursday Copenhagen
18/8/2017 Friday Copenhagen

19/8/2017 Saturday Copenhagen

20/8/2017 Sunday Copenhagen (night ferry to Oslo, but should be onboard at 16:30, so i count this just half a day Copenhagen)
21/8/2017 Monday Oslo

22/8/2017 Tuesday Flam (taking the day train from Oslo) – Stegastein viewpoint after arrival
23/8/2017 Wednesday FJord cruise Flam-Gudvangen, bus Gudvangen-Voss, Train Voss-Bergen
24/8/2017 Thursday Bergen
25/8/2017 Friday Bergen (night train to Oslo)
26/8/2017 Saturday Oslo

27/8/2017 Sunday Flight Oslo - São Paulo early in the morning

Are the days well distributed for these cities and places? Please add your suggestions.

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It works. But I'd fly from Copenhagen to Oslo--1 hour and very cheap on Norwegian Air Shuttle. We took the Norway in a Nutshell tour down into the flords and a fast boat into Bergen--all in 1 day.

Then we flew home from Bergen connecting flights in Oslo.

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Hi David, thank you for your advice. But why do you think it would be better to fly between Copenhagen-Oslo? Isn't the view of the Oslo Fjord in the early morning worth the cruise?

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Have you taken night train before? I hate them, so I might suggest a slightly different order of travel to avoid overnight trains. If overnight trains don't bother you, your itinerary is fine

1) From Stockholm fly to Bergen
2) Bergen to Flam (train, bus, boat)
3) Flam to Oslo
4) Overnight ferry to Copenhagen
4) Overnight ferry or flight back to Oslo