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10 day itinerary, help please

I will be taking my dad to Norway in September, he is 73. He has some extended family we wish to visit for a couple of days near Trondheim so that limits our sightseeing to about 7-8 days. We will be arriving in Oslo on the 19th and plan on departing the 29th from Trondheim. I realize there is so much to see in our little time there and very long distances between destinations, so I'm hoping either someone who lives in Norway or has visited there can offer up some opinions on the best places/sights to see. Dad can't really hike and probably keep museums to a minimum, although he's very interested in Norwegian history and culture. If anybody has recommendations on hotels that would be greatly appreciated also. Below is my draft itinerary: Thank you in advance for your help!!

Sept 19th P.M. - Arrive Oslo
20th - Explore Oslo
21st - Train from Oslo to Bergen
22nd - Rent a car and drive to Stavanger
23rd - Explore Stavanger
24th - Drive back to Bergen
25th - Drive from Bergen to Aselund
26th - Aselund to Trondheim
27th and 28th - visit with relatives
29th Fly out of Trondheim

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Hi! My daughter and I will be in Norway from 9/12 - 9/22. The first part of our trip is similar to yours (Oslo, train to Bergen, Aalesund). Have you considered taking the Hurtingruten to Trondheim or even as far as Aalesund and picking up a car from there? We will be taking the Hurtigruten's milk run boat from Bergen (leaves 8pm) on the 17th (Saturday) and arriving in Aalesund at 5:30 on the 18th. Our total fare (including an inside cabin for 2 and breakfast) is $238. The boat is also a car ferry and is is possible to eat on board. I suspect there are more direct boats from Bergen to Aalesund on different days of the week. We chose to take the slower boat in the hopes that the cruise will be similar to going up the inside passage on the Alaska Ferry. The boat does go out into open water from time to time so we will have our dramamine ready just in case. Prior to getting on the ferry our trip will be really packed and fast paced. It will be nice to slow down, sit and look out the window, get away from each other, talk to locals and sleep for almost 24 hours. Figure by the time we reach Aalesund we will be ready to resume our fast pace. We will be picking up a rental car for 2 days in Aalesund so we can do a round trip to Geiranger and visit the farm where my grandfather was born. Back to Aalesund to explore the city before hopping on a plane to Oslo for our return trip home. We're excited and I know this is the same for you and your father. Hope this suggestion is helpful and your trip and time with family is wonderful.

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We spent a month in Norway last summer and have visited all of the places you will be going on your itinerary.
My biggest suggestion would be to not waste a day driving from Bergen to Alesund. Turn your car in at Bergen and fly to Alesund. The area around Alesund is spectacular and you don't want to waste a day of this driving.
Fly up to Alesund on the 24th, ,rent a car at the airport, and spend the 25th driving out to the Geirangerfjord and the Trollstigen Pass. There isn't a better or more beautiful area of Norway (opinion of course!). Alesund is a nice small town but when in Norway it's the natural beauty that is the highlight.

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Thank you both for your input. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Every little bit helps. I will definitely look into flying to Aselund.
What do you think about flying from Stavanger to Aselund instead of driving back to Bergen, if that's even a possibility. I've looked into cruising from Aselund to Trondheim also, another great suggestion.

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If you can fly from Stavanger to Alesund, I would do it. Not only will it save you time but it will save you backtracking the same way you came.
The boat from Alesund to Trondheim is almost a 24 hour journey...again, you are burning the time that you could otherwise be spending with your family. Driving will take you about 6 1/2 hours, flying a little more than 3. Completely depends on how you want to spend your time...the coastline is beautiful in that part of Norway so maybe it's worth it to you to see it and take a boat? The days will be getting shorter in September so you won't have as many hours of daylight but you can still see quite a bit if you take the boat or drive.