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We are visiting Zeeland in late April and staying at a farm near Domberg. Any recommendations of things to do and see? We have a 6 year old as well. So the more kid friendly the better. We plan on some bike riding, some beach combing, and maybe a little touring in the car. Has any one been to the Deltapark Neeltje Jans?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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I've only made one quick visit of a few hours, but Domberg is WONDERFUL! Such a nice little beach town. I plan to spend a week there, eventually... I'm not sure exactly why, but for some reason Domberg seems to be the beach destination of choice for Germans from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfaltz and Hessen. You'll see the license plates.

"We plan on some bike riding, some beach combing, and maybe a little touring in the car." You've basically hit it all. A visit to Zeeland isn't so much about "seeing" as it is about "doing".

One thing I love about the North Sea coast of Belgium and the Netherlands in the spring is that most towns allow dogs on the beach during this period (most don't in the summer). Our dog had a great time running around, digging, chasing birds and playing with other muts. So if you like dogs, expect several friendly pooches to approach you on the beach.

It probably goes without saying, but don't expect to do any swimming at that time of year, unless you enjoy the polar bear variety.

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We picked this destination for the distance from home. 4 hours is about all our 6 year old can take.

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Zeeland is my native soil, so what can I tell you what to do. Domburg is located on the peninsula of Walcheren and is a well-known seaside resort and was once in the second half of the 19th century a famous health centre. Also Mondria(a)n (and Toorop) lived there for a while, things like the sea and light inspired him to become the abstract painter as we know him now.

Temperatures in April are usually between 15ºC and 20ºC, but seawater is still too cold for swimming. But as the coast has a slightly different climate, the beach can be with some sunshine in spring already pleasant. Domburg has also a medieval castle “Westhove” , it’s a Stayokay but it’s free to have a closer look. De Parel in the leasure centre is a swimming paradise for kids.
Zeeland is all year around, but especially during summer a touristic destination, mainly for Dutch and German families looking for some rest and fun at the beach. A lot of campinggrounds have their own entertainment for children, but mostly during holidays and peak season.

1-Things to do for kids:

Mini Mundi, miniature park, amusement park and indoor play area in Middelburg, the province capital.

Het Arsenaal Vlissingen, family park with aquaria and a 65m high watchtower for a view over Walcheren and the Westerschelde estuary.

Reptile zoo Iguana also in Vlissingen, this place is also fun for shipwatching, passing by very close to the coast. With a bit of luck you can see a really large containership.

Not in Zeeland, but near Tilburg is the Efteling a Disneystyle family park with a Fairytale Forest, fun for the whole family and highly recommended.

Deltapark Neeltje Jans, there is a lot of criticism, that this theme park does not offer value for the money, the main reason I never visited it. However there is an exhibition about the Deltaworks what gives a lot of insight about the construcion of the Deltaworks, the barrier and our struggle against the sea in general.

2-Other things to do or see in general:

The Storm Surge Barrier itself ofcourse.

Veere, lovely old porttown 15km east of Domburg, trip with the passenger ferry over the lake.

Zierikzee, as Veere worth to visit with a historic shipmuseum in the old harbour.

Climbing De Lange Jan, the churchtower of the old abbey in Middelburg for a fantastic view over the old city centre and Walcheren, good weather permitted.

Bruges is 100km away from Domburg.

Walcheren is excellent for riding with the bike with it's numerous separate bike-lanes and routes. However the wind can be a challenge.

26th of April will be Kingsday with a lot of activities for kids and there will be “ringrijden” in Middelburg, a tournement with people in traditional clothing, men on horseback trying to stick a lance through a narrow ring.

They are now relocating for the moment the football experience to Roosendaal 70km east of Middelburg

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Ralfcape, where in Hessen do you live? Somewhere in the NW part of the state? I ask because otherwise, 4 hours sounds like an underestimation of the travel time. For comparison, I live near Mannheim, and I regularly drive to Limburg province in Belgium (no geographic relation to Limburg an der Lahn in Hessen), and it takes me about 3.5 hours, if traffic cooperates. Domburg is at least 2 hours further away from Limburg.

Even if it is a little further than 4 hours, it's still well worth the drive. And it's not like there's other beach towns significantly closer.