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Wondering About Using Cell Phone In Case of Emergency

Say I need to use my T-Mobile Phone to dial 112 for emergency police, fire or ambulance in Amsterdam. In the Simple Choice plan it states you need to dial +31 to call within Amsterdam. So in the unlikely event of an emergency, do I just dial +31 and then 112?

Also, the non-emergency number for Amsterdam police services is 0900-8844 according to Other hotlines such as emergency dentist referrals have this 900 prefix that carries added charges according to Does anyone know approximately what they add to your bill for these premium numbers?

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Just dial 112 from any phone (mobile or otherwise) in any European country to be connected to the local emergency service (police, ambulance, fire). The call is free, and will work even if you have no credit or no SIM card in the phone, its the law they have to provide this service.

"+31" is the country code for the Netherlands. You need to dial this if you are calling the Netherlands from other country or from a foreign mobile phone:
+31 (area code without initial 0) (number)

0900-8844 from a foreign phone becomes: +31 900-8844
The area code for Amsterdam is "020", so from a foreign phone you would dial: +31 20 xxxxxxx
Don't know about charges, you would have to ask your phone provider.