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Winter in the Netherlands

Thinking of traveling the Netherlands in January this year… is it a good idea? Any tips or recommendations? Thanks!

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Why wouldn’t it be a good idea? The Netherlands doesn’t close down in the winter, everything you want to see and do as a tourist remains open.

If you want tips and recommendations, you need to provide us with a little bit more information about yourself and why you want to visit the Netherlands in the first place. How many days of you have? What are your interests? Etc etc

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Beware of the wind whistling up the canals of an evening. It would cut you in two (as my granny would say).

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One of the great things about The Netherlands is that the historic towns and cities are all more or less still existing in largely the same capacities that they always have. So you can visit all of them without much of a noticeable difference.

Other than the weather and the short daylight hours. As such, when I travel there winter I prefer to stick to cities more than the smaller more natural areas.

I am looking at a random day in January (the 10th) and I see that there are 8 hours of daylight in Amsterdam on that day. Meaning it gets light about 9 am and dark at 5 pm. Cities have more inside options should the weather turn on you, and they will have more nighttime activities. I tend to divide my days into thirds anyway, so this should not affect you negatively. You have your AM period, afternoon period and then your evening period, all the same.

All of these places that would be great to visit are all near to each other and easy to get to.

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Thank you so much! Do you have any cities (besides Amsterdam) that you recommend? I really appreciate the info!