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Will we have enough time??

We are getting off our "bike & barge" on Sat. May 4 at 10:00; we are leaving on the train at 15:15.........will we have time to go to the Ann Frank House when we disembark our barge??

We will have our luggage (each of us have a back -pack only)....we thought that we might go to the train station & get a locker & then go to Ann Frank House??

Or do you have a better suggestion to store our luggage which would be closer by??

THANKS for your advice & help!!


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You should buy your Ann Frank House tickets for that day asap. Give yourself an hour to get there for your time slot to enter.

On my way to Ann Frank House I stored my bag at Amsterdam Central Station.
I think it is credit card only.

And I kind of agree if it is your first time Amsterdam on a nice day I would not want to be in a crowded museum that I am not interested in ever going back to

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Yes you plenty of time. I disagree with others who replied.

If the Anne Frank House is a 'must do' for you, then by all means go. You won't spend but about one (two at the most) hour in the museum and you will have time to enjoy a meal and a pleasant walk along the canals back the train station.

There is locker storage within a few blocks of the museum. believe you have to make a reservation. If you want your backpacks while you walk around, then you may want to seek that storage. I did what you suggested: stored bags at the train station (the storage area is at end farthest from the AFH).

You have time for the Van Gogh Museum if that is on your list. Timed tickets there as well.