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Which card should we get?

We are two couples in our 70's travelling this Sept. We arrive in Amsterdam via river cruise and will spend 6 1/2 days in the Netherlands. Five of those days are booked for Haarlem and one for Otterlo and we will do day trips from there into Amsterdam and elsewhere. My question is about the TripKey. On previous forums (2018) people had lots of problems with no cards at the airport etc etc. Have they worked out all those kinks ---- how should we travel--- TripKey or OV chipkaart and if OV which one? I assume both can be picked up at Central Station? or is TripKey even still in business? Any other suggestions given our ages would be appreciated.

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The OV Chipkaart is best. It costs you EUR 7,50, but that is quickly earned with separate tickets being EUR 1 more expensive.
Mind that you need a minimum balance of EUR 20 to be able to use it on the trains, and that there is a maximum of EUR 30 on your card to get it easily refunded at the railway station at the end of your trip.
Be sure to check in and to check out. If not, your card will be charged EUR 20.

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trip key seems to have quietly died - they haven't taken new registrations for over a year and I haven't heard any good news for that long.

They seem to be morphing into a much smaller philosophy of providing a way to travel in and around Utrecht.

Personally I wouldn't touch them. I don't think they will succeed, and they have inconvenienced many of their clients.

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TripKey is no longer available.
We were one of the lucky ones when we used it last year.
follow tonfromleiden's suggestions on using the OV Chipkaart.
It will work well for you.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. That clears up my question---I guess it will be OV for us.